At Regulate, we believe in disrupting the status quo. We believe in empowering teams to achieve their greatest potential. We do this by eliminating the tedium of regulatory compliance.

Who We Are

Regulate uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) architecture to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence. Our algorithms are built upon the body of knowledge from 1,000’s scientists resulting in a more accurate and more consistent outcome every time. Because NLP powers our platform, we include our scientific peers from across the globe, regardless of language. With our global community of world-class thought leaders, we build robust systems allowing Machine Learning and Neural Networks to accel. We automate mundane tasks to elevate the quality of work.

Our Expertise
Dedicated To Compliance

Compliance: the assurance that your organization follows industry standards and government regulations. Integrating compliance into every facet of routine actions of all stakeholders ensures that risks are appropriately mitigated, compliance documentation is standard, and governance is embedded in your organization’s culture. At D&H, we integrate best practices with local governmental regulations; governance, risk management, and compliance are no longer a siloed function in your organization. The result of working with D&H is improvements: in organizational performance, quality of products and services, and avoiding unnecessary risks that have economic and reputational consequences.


Wherever feasible, we employ automation to enhance operational efficiency. Automation plays a crucial role in standardizing the interpretation of shared information. We heavily rely on automation for fundamental data entry, particularly when dealing with information from our suppliers. This process involves the collection, input, and meticulous organization of data. The manner in which we structure this data significantly influences our workflow. We categorize similar information to discern underlying commonalities. Despite initial differences, close examination often reveals shared traits among seemingly disparate data sets. By adhering to specific methodologies and industry best practices, we consistently identify these similarities, facilitating the detection and management of potential risks while uncovering more effective methods of operation.

Food Technology

Food Science in its simplest terms is the mitigation of food-borne illness through the preservation of food. While humans have been preserving food for centuries, little was known about why food preservation processes worked. Unknowingly, Napoleon helped to invent canning a major development in food preservation in 1809. Over the next 150 years, progress was made in the development of food processing and the application of technology for the preservation of food. True acceleration of improved quality, processing techniques, and novel methodologies wasn’t achieved until the development of HACCP in 1960. The multitude of food products available to consumers today is a direct result of HACCP. HACCP principles are embedded in every D&H product. D&H platforms embed preventive controls and optimization systems making our platforms leading-edge next-generation systems. The next stage of product evolution is on our doorstep. Modern Food Science requires food safety as a foundation but elevates these food expressions to deliver on many other key attributes: taste, color, freshness, affordability, health benefits, absence of allergens, nutrition claims, reasons to believe e.g. Fair Trade®, Ecological, Sustainability, etc. Navigating all the possible attributes, ensuring food safety, validating desired claims, and delivering on product economics makes product differentiation increasingly more difficult, cumbersome and time-consuming. D&H focuses on the needs of the industry and develops solutions that meet the continuing pressures of consumer requirements and the dictates of regulators while delivering a cost-effective final product at an accelerated pace.

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